Like most other buying and selling of properties, the buying and selling of a house is probably most often done through the services of a realtor however, there are exceptions. Houston house buy sell, as in other cities is sometimes done directly with a property buyer as although a property buyer may usually pay less, there are circumstances when dealing with a property buyer has advantages that outweigh the price. The main reason that some people sell directly to a property buyer despite probably get less for their property, is because selling to a property buyer is often far quicker and possibly easier, than going through what can be a lengthy realtor process. Whereas if you use a realtor, you will need to have your property appraised and valued, often a property buyer may buy a property for cash without even an appraisal being made. That obviously saves time but what also saves time is that a property buyer will often deal in cash which also means there are no bothersome bank loan delays. If you are facing foreclosure or have some high expenses which mean that you need cash in a hurry, then selling your property directly to a property buyer may be your best option. If you have nowhere else to move to, it may also be possible that the property owner may have either a cheaper house available for you to buy or have rental properties available. It is not that property buyers underestimate the value of a property, the reason why they usually pay less is because they have to make a profit on the transaction and in order to make higher profits, they may not sell a property they buy straight away instead they keep it until property prices in that particular area increase. Some people that want to sell a property that they currently rent out to tenants, sometimes sell to property buyers as unlike a realtor, they may buy the property with the tenants still in place. On occasions it is sometimes difficult for a landlord to have tenants move or at least it can take some time to have them move, as a property buyer though, may buy a property whilst tenants are still there, a sale can be made far quicker, affording the landlord to get the cash they need for whatever purpose they needed it for. Obviously in these cases though, the property buyer will want to see any tenant agreements which may be in place, providing there is no obvious problem, they will go ahead with a purchase. Another time when selling to a property buyer may be preferable to a realtor is when a property has been inherited. On these occasions the person inheriting the property are not particular about keeping it but are very interested in getting cash for the value of the property and as they did not pay for that property, they will often accept less for a quick sale.

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