Before hiring a company to install your air conditioning system, it is always best to find something out about them before you hire them as it has been known for air condition system installers to be fakes only using that title as a scam to get inside your home. Usually companies which have been operating under the same name for some time will be reasonable as it is a very competitive business and those that are not reliable, rarely last long. Most cities though, have websites where you can go to in order to get quotes, as an example, in Sydney the website is sydneyairconditioningquotes and having gotten a quote you can work with, check out the reviews for that company on the internet. If you are able to find a reliable company in advance of buying your air conditioning system, most reputable companies are glad to advise you as to which one would be best for you, considering the number of rooms you want cooled and the size of those rooms. There are three main types of air conditioning systems that are usually recommended and they are a split system, a multi split system or a ducted system. Split systems are perhaps ideal for homes which only require one room to be cooled but multi split systems may be best for homes which have more than one room but no more than 5 rooms which need to be cooled. A split system has a condenser which is placed outside and an indoor unit which is placed in the room to be cooled. A multi split system works in the same way but an indoor unit is placed in each of the 5 rooms which need to be cooled and all these indoor units will add to the overall cost of the system. As a ducted system does not require units in each room, only grills where the air can flow in and out, one of these systems may work out cheaper but, as the ducts take up space, even if they are flexible, they are not usually recommended for the smaller homes. Whichever system you choose though, never get one that is bigger than you need as air conditioning does cost money and the bigger system you have, the more it will cost. Most air conditioning systems are effective and efficient provided that they are well maintained. Some maintenance can be carried out by the owner, such as keeping the outdoor condenser free from debris but at least once a year, preferably just before the hot weather really kicks in, you should get a professional to check your system for any potential problems as by doing so, you may prevent the system from becoming less effective when you really need it. Plus, as the hot season is the time when AC repairmen are at their busiest, if your system does become less efficient, you may have a long hot wait until it can be properly repaired. Always use the same company for maintenance and repairs as they may offer discounts for you doing so.